BELKOS SVELT - Smart clothes

BELKOS SVELT smart clothes sculpt the silhouette, lose weight without much diet and effort and significantly reduce cellulite. Start wearing them and you will see visible results in 30 days.
BELKOS SVELT is a leader in smart cosmetic clothing. The yarns used contain microcapsule cosmetics (caffeine, retinol, fatty acids, ceramide, aloe vera and vitamin E). These substances are released during skin contact, thus thinning the silhouette and helping to eliminate fat, correcting the appearance of orange peel and tightening. The action starts from the first day when it is worn for 8 hours daily. Their effectiveness lasts over 100 washes.

BELKOS SVELT manufactures easy-to-wear clothes that are worn every day in any activity (on the road, at work, in sports). The high quality yarns used along with the fact of reduced seams make the fitted clothes very comfortable to use. There are different types for every occasion, in long or short leggings and shorts and a blouse with or without sleeves. There is also a specialist for the abdominal area.



The active microcapsules embedded in each elastic fiber are progressively released into the skin, thanks to the continuous use of the garment for eight hours a day for a month. The penetration of the active substances achieves the improvement of the silhouette easily and quickly.




  • CAFFEINE. Lipolytic action. Stimulates the mobilization and metabolism of free fatty acids.
  • RETINOL. It acts against free radicals. Improves the texture of the skin and tightens it.
  • CERAMIDES. It acts as a stabilizer, helps intracellular binding. Improves the texture of the skin and tightens it
  • VITAMIN E. Antioxidant, helps in the synthesis of collagen. The vitamin of youth.
  • FATTY ACIDS. Nutritional action. Protects, softens, regenerates and generally improves skin elasticity
  • ALOE VERA. Vasoconstrictor action, improves microcirculation. Stimulates the production of new cells, offers radiance and hydration.

After 30 days of use:

  • 63% reported a decrease in "orange peel appearance"
  • 67% felt their jeans looser
  • 72% felt lighter




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