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Natural product with extracts for the long-term treatment of recurrent urinary tract infections!

Urinary tract infection is accompanied by many unpleasant and painful symptoms such as the frequent need to urinate, stinging, abdominal pain or lumbar pain or even blood in the urine. Frequent and neglected infection usually leads to chronic urinary tract disease.

Urinary tract infection affects the general population, and especially women due to the different anatomy of the female body.
Almost every woman suffers at least once in her life from a urinary tract infection.

Prevent urinary tract infections naturally, with 100% safety with Urinal.

Prophylactic use of Urinal can significantly help reduce the use of antibiotics.

  • Contains special NutriCran & Cysticran extracts that inhibit the binding of pathogenic bacteria to the urinary system and eliminate them when urinating. It is suitable for long-term use to prevent urinary tract infections in periods of increased risk and at the first symptoms of urinary tract infection.

  • Prevents the attachment of harmful bacteria to the urinary tract and the recurrence of urinary tract infections just as effectively as antibiotics - without their side effects.

  • A study to prevent recurrent urinary tract infections with trimethoprim 100 mg compared to cranberry 500 mg found that continuous administration of trimethoprim had very little benefit in prevention over cranberries.

  • The findings show that urinary tract infections with relapses may be treated prophylactically with Urinal, as it does not pose a risk of developing antibiotic resistance or complicating Clostoridim difficile or fungal infection.

  • Ideal for preventing urinary tract infections.

  • Ideal for maintenance treatment after treatment with Urinal Forte Probio

  • Each Urinal pack contains 60 soft capsules.

  • Each capsule contains standard NutriCran 200 mg extract and Cysticran 3.0 mg corresponding to 3-4 mg proanthocyanidines.

  • Dosage 3 capsules per day (suitable for pregnant women)

Its very good action is due to its quality and the quality of extraction of the substances it contains which are fully absorbed and are 100% active.

Suggested use plan for Urinal products

When there is severe discomfort: start with Urinal Express pH for 2 days and continue with Urinal Forte Probio for 10 or 20 days.

In cases of frequent recurrences we continue with Urinal caps for a long time.

For very young children and people who can not swallow tablets or capsules we use Urinal Syrup.

(Unless your doctor thinks otherwise based on the antibiogram for antibiotic use)




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